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Welcome to the Cranking Widgets Blog. We exist to help you get more done by showing you ways to be more effective and let go of the stuff that doesn't make you awesome. Be sure to subscribe to our feed and follow us on Twitter here.


Cranking Widgets is written, directed and curated by me, Andy Parkinson. I  have been an entrepreneur since the age of 6. I spent my childhood selling lemonade on street corners, washing cars, managing 5 paper routes, and running my very own lawn maintenance company. At age 16 I started a software development company, which I still own.

Cranking Widgets helps freelancers, startups and small businesses owners get more done in their business. The kinds of topics that I like to write about are:

1. Personal Productivity. Getting more done, growing your business, reaching more people and making more money starts with you performing at your optimum level of effectiveness. We offer tons of articles, tips and inspiration to help you out.

2. The First Hire. This is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do once your business begins to thrive. To go from a freelancer who does everything to a freelnancer who does what they want and delegates the rest is difficult, necessary and rewarding when done right. We want to help you with that.

3. Managing Humans. We share effective ways of getting more done through others. Others could mean your employees, virtual assistants, spouse, etc. We want to show you ways that you can be more productive by being a more effective manager.

4. Balance. Nobody starts a business hoping they can work 16 hours a day, eat like shit, lose sleep, get fat and watch their personal relationships fall apart. Being a successful entrepreneur hinges on what you do when you’re not building your business.

5. Technology, Programming and Apple. I started my professional life as a web developer and I manage a team of them. I still do some programming (in Rails) when I can and I stay on top of the technology. Being a developer makes me happy and a better entrepreneur.

When I’m not building businesses, I’m listening to music, attempting to learn the guitar or spending time with my lovely wife and two cats in Pacific Palisades, CA.

The Origins of Cranking Widgets:

Brett Kelly started The Cranking Widgets Blog in December of 2006 after reading Getting Things Done by David Allen. He has written most of our articles on personal productivity. In November 2008 he moved on to other project and he handed the reigns over to Andy. The blog eventually moved more towards Andy’s area of expertise, which is how to get more done through effective delegation. You can read more about Brett’s decision here.

Brett Kelly is a software developer and writer from Southern California. He is the Technical Communications Manager for Evernote Corporation, author of the popular eBook Evernote Essentials, blogger at Bridging the Nerd Gap and cofounder of the LifeRemix blog network. You can visit his personal blog at if you like reading poorly-considered rants on various topics or if you enjoy marginally funny pictures.

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