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Randy Murray on Not Being Responsible For Other People’s Productivity

Productivity is how I get things done. If I’m managing other people, I can specify how we get things done together, but I can’t extend that over their entire lives. They have to work that out for themselves.

Spoken like a man who has spent many years managing others.

New managers try to micromanage methods and details. I certainly did, and it made the first couple years painful for everyone. Experienced managers manage results and only consider details or methods when results are not being met.

There is this new web app currently in beta called Flow. Its project management app based on GTD methodologies with an emphasis on delegation. After some spending some time with it, I’ve come to two conclusions:

  1. Its a beatifully designed app.
  2. I question its long-term viability because it requires teams or companies to unilaterally adopt a complicated productivity system. Read  the rest of Randy’s article to better understand why this is an issue.

I prefer simple tools, like Basecamp, where people have a lot of freedom to integrate their tasks with their own ways of getting things done.

[via Randy Murray - You Are Not Responsible For Other People’s Productivity.]

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