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Jonathan Mead on his 2010 Review; Accomplishments & Lessons Learned

Systems give you power. This was a hard pill for me to swallow. Luckily I have a great support network around me and my friend and strategic partner Charlie nudged me into overcoming my limiting perspective around this. For the longest time, I’ve viewed systems (established processes in business) as something stifling and cold. I knew this was a limiting belief, and it was keeping me from having other people help out and carry some of the load so I could focus on my strengths. So I began thinking… How do I want to view systems instead? The way I framed them before wasn’t something I decided anyway, it was just a perspective I unconsciously picked up. Now I view systems as resources that make me more efficient, increase cooperation, and help me take better care of my people. Why I didn’t do this sooner, I wish I knew.

The bold is my own addition. Jonathan does a good job of communicating the typical belief that creative folks express when you suggest they systematize their business. Let me clear some things up based on my own experiences:

You can’t systematize creativity.

You can’t systematize thought.

You can’t systematize a personal touch.

You can systematize at least 20% what you do.

You can systematize how you do it.

You can bring in the right people to help you that will take your systems and add creativity, thought and a personal touch.

You can do this without much effort once the aspects of your business that do not require your direct efforts has been systematized. This makes its easy to show these special people how and what you do.

We’re here to help you with all of this. Stay tuned.

[ via 2010 Review; Accomplishments & Lessons Learned | Illuminated Mind. ]

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