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LINK: What Entrepreneurship Is and Isn’t

The other day I was reading through the Art of Non-Conformity’s archives and I found a post that Chris wrote in the very beginning. I found myself nodding my head quite a bit as I read it. My favorite part is:

True entrepreneurship involves the creation of processes, not just the creation of work. If you’ve created a project that requires continual inputs from you and relies on your own work to keep all the plates in the air, congratulations! You have just built a job for yourself. Yes, you have built a job, and maybe even a better job than most people have—but it’s a job, not a business.

A business earns money while you sleep and while you are on vacation. A business is an asset that can be bought and sold. A true business is largely independent of its owner, although of course this is a matter of degree and only rarely is 100% independent. Therefore, entrepreneurs pay close attention to the creation of processes that will eventually allow themselves to focus on what they’re best at, or perhaps even leave the operation entirely.

via The Art of Non-Conformity » What Entrepreneurship Is and Isn’t.

This is a small, but oh-so-important important point about entrepreneurs. Many quit their jobs to do some form of work as a one-man consulting company. In reality all they’ve done is swap one job for another with better hours and less security.

There seems to be a new push for “solopreneurship” but I just can’t get behind it for the reason’s quoted above. This is one of many facets of building businesses that I plan on exploring later on.

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