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LINK: 11 Rules for Moguls in Training | Jonathan Fields

Jonathan Fields, Career Renegade Extraordinaire, posted a little gem the other day. He literally saves you from reading thousands of books. I probably haven’t read quite as much as he has, but I can vouch for these none-the-less…

Over the last dozen years, I’ve devoured thousands of books on business, leadership, success and lifestyles and learned a ton through my own experience as an entrepreneur and marketing hired-gun. In an effort to shortcut the knowledge acquisition process, I offer these 11 rules for Moguls In Training or MITs:

1. On Leadership: Give a damn

2. On Product Development: Solve a huge problem at the point of greatest pain

3. On Customer service: Give a public damn

via 11 Rules for Moguls in Training | Jonathan Fields. Check out the post to see the other 8.

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