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Theme Change #2: Productivity for Entrepreneurs

The focus of The Cranking Widgets Blog will have much more of an entrepreneurial bent going forward.

I collect companies and business ideas like many productivity lovers collect pens and notebooks. Entrepreneurship is in every fiber of my being. My record is far from spotless, but if I judge my performance against the statistics I’ve beat the odds when it comes building businesses.

Productivity’s Role in Entrepreneurship

Overall my successes and my failures have given me interesting lessons on how to start a business from nothing and bootstrap it to profitability. In a bootstrapped company, maximizing both personal productivity and organizational productivity is an absolute requirement for success. You cannot afford to waste time or money along the way to reaching profitability.

It doesn’t end when you reach profitability either. Once profitable, the next step is staying productive enough to keep all the plates spinning and reach extreme profitability.

Once you reach extreme profitability, the next step becomes profitability while reducing your time required to maintaining it…

And then you find another idea you’re passionate about to do it all over again with a new product or business, only this time you do it faster while making fewer mistakes.

My Definition of Productivity

Minimizing the amount of time, money and sanity that is required to reach your goals is my definition of productivity and the only real reason anyone should care about it.

Business building offers countless opportunities to squander away all three of those factors and that is why I believe being an entrepreneur necessarily intersects with maximizing productivity.

The Future

After taking an extended hiatus for a variety of reasons, I’ve realized that I can’t effectively write with the aim of helping others if I’m not doing it from the entrepreneurial lens. I plan on posting whenever I find something worth sharing.

Please check back often, subscribe to my feed or follow me on twitter to be notified of new posts. I look forward to sharing and connecting with fellow entrepreneurs out there!

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