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LINK: I Will Teach You To Be Rich – 6 Week Boot Camp

Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich launched his automate your finances boot camp today. The curriculum is pretty solid. I believe having your personal finances in good shape is the hull of your Entrepreneurship (see what I did there?)

If you are stressing a lot about finances or spending too much time managing your personal financial world it becomes hard to focus on your business. Here’s my favorite excerpt from the sales schpeel:

The focus is on ACTION

Think back to last January for a minute. We all started off the year paying off Christmas gifts, exhausted from the holiday spending, and swamped with emails back at work. We’ve been so busy looking playing catch-up that we have no time to look forward – to work on ways to earn more, plan for travel or get out of that rat race.

How many blogs and books have you read since then? Be totally honest: What have they done for you? Have you taken action on all the things they told you to do? Have you paid off debts and automated your saving and investing, optimized your spending, or started earning more money?

Look, if the answer is no, it’s not your fault. We all know we want to save more, earn more, and automate your finances — so why haven’t we done it?

Reading – no matter how many hundreds of hours you spend doing it – is just not enough.

That’s why I’m doing this Boot Camp where the goal is not more information, it’s ACTION.

via I Will Teach You To Be Rich | 6 Week Boot Camp.

(Disclaimer: I haven’t taken the course, nor is this an affiliate link. I just agree with the program’s curriculum and have historically agreed with Ramit’s evidence-based, kick-you-in-the-ass style of teaching on his blog.)

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