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Theme Change #1: Redesign

CW Redesign-inactive

My last post was about doing the easy stuff that you’ve been putting off just because you don’t have all the answers or a grand plan. I decided it was time to eat some more of my own dog food and take a look at my incomplete projects.

The shot above is from my active projects list. Four months of inaction is pretty embarrassing for a productivity minded person. I did something about it.

The Re-Design

The Cranking Widgets Blog is coming to you with a new, professional and stylish design / logo combo. The foundation of the new design comes courtesy of WooThemes and a few hours of hacking. They have gorgeous themes by all the designers I would have dreamed of designing my blog.

For the feed-readers out there, come on over to the blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Update: Forgot to give a shout-out to Gary Gehiere of Pixel Press Icons for the cog icon in the masthead. I love Gary’s work!

P.S. Big thanks to my friend Chris Bowler and his beautifully relevant Fusion Ad network for alerting me to the awesomeness that is WooThemes.

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