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Ask the Readers: What happens to “Do it Now” Actions?

As we process our stuff and determine next actions, as good GTD practitioners we do any action we’ve just defined that will take less than two minutes to complete. After doing the action, how do you handle the piece of stuff and the action that was just processed & done?

Some things I’m thinking about while trying to answer this are:

  • Would you figure out what project you just did the action for and file the item (and maybe action) as reference? (This would be useful if you reviewed completed actions as part of your review)
  • Does the action just get crossed off and never visited again?
  • Do you immediately determine a next action for that piece of stuff?
  • Do you just junk the piece of stuff?

Please weigh in via comments with your responses. I appreciate your assistance in solving this strange, yet intruiging problem with me. :)

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