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As the Saying Goes, “Many Hands Make Light Work”

Well, as you’ve probably noticed, posting around here has slowed practically to a crawl. There are several reasons for this, many of them good ones, many of them attributable directly to the laziness of yours truly. I’m not happy about it, but this little blog has been the victim of what a database administrator would call a “process deadlock” – when having to choose between various responsibilities and obligations that I have, the old CW has been passed over on several occasions. For that, I apologize.

But, this here cloud has a silver lining. I’m happy to announce the addition of a contributing author here on Cranking Widgets. My good buddy Andy is a serious GTD practitioner, not to mention a hell of a smart and savvy guy in general. He brings many areas of expertise to the table (most of which I, frankly, lack the brain cells to handle), so I think he’ll be a refreshing change from my usual dry-witted drivel. I’m excited that he’s going to be helping me out, and I’d appreciate it if you would all treat him as kindly as you’ve treated me these past years.

Having said all that, keep your eyes out for new content and other goodies as Andy and I start getting this blog back to being the productivity powerhouse that it once was – or something like that :)

Thanks a ton, everybody, for understanding and for sticking with me as I slack. You all are awesome and I’m privileged and humbled to have you as an audience for my little backyard puppet show.

Here’s to the future!

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