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Web Warrior Tools – Get Your Smart On

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My very good buddies Glen (of LifeDev) and Leo (of Zen Habits) launched their brand new ebook store today, called Web Warrior Tools. Much like their awesome blogs, the main idea behind the books they sell is improving your life. And don’t let the name fool you – these precious volumes are good for anybody, not just us chumps that spend all day tapping on the keyboard.

They’ve already got some killer titles fresh off of the presses, including:

The best part their offerings (and ebooks in general, really) is that you can have them now! Click to buy, and you’re ready to go a few seconds later. Gotta love the freakin’ Internet.

All books offer a free preview of a chapter or two, so you can peruse a good chunk of the book before paying a nickel. Run – don’t walk – over to Web Warrior Tools and get yourself some of the finest ebooks from the finest bloggers on the web!

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