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There are times in life when you decide “enough is enough“. This past week was one of those times.

I get a fair amount of email. Not as much as some, but it’s a pretty steady stream. Sometimes, those messages are from well-wishing friends who thought I might enjoy an inspirational message from an unknown source. Messages like these are almost always sent to a whole pantload of people. And all of our email addresses are nicely collected in the ‘To’ field, where every recipient now has access to my email address.

This is, frankly, infuriating. So much so that I decided to take some (arguably passive) action. I created a website where I can send people who do this.

Humbly, I give you The idea is pretty self-explanatory, when you send an email to a million people, put their email addresses in the ‘BCC’ field instead of the ‘To’ field.

I hope you can all find some use for it, feel free to direct any email abusers you encounter on over for some tough love.


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