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Top 1 Thing To Keep Your Toddler Away From

Your laptop computer.

This is a picture of my Macbook after my 2.5 year old son got his hands on it:

This is where I start weeping bitterly

As you can see, he managed to remove roughly two-thirds of the keys on the keyboard. I wasn’t happy :)

But, thanks to my new friend Gab at the Irvine Spectrum Apple Store, all of my keys are now in perfect working order (including the broken ones, which he replaced gratis):

Apple genius fixing my keyboard

So, all is well (though, I was without computer for a couple of days, hence the drop off in posting here). Expect more new content in the next couple of days, hopefully tomorrow!

And a great big massive thanks to Gab for hooking me up with a couple of (very small, inexpensive) parts to get me out the door with a working laptop and a wallet that weighed the same as when I arrived :)

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