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Celebrating Cranking Widgets’ First Birthday

Sure doesn’t seem like it, but today marks the one year anniversary of the first post on this here blog. Wow.

I must admit, this blog is doing better than I would’ve imagined way back then. We’re doing a respectable 3K+ subscribers and roughly a thousand pageviews per day. And while that’s child’s play for some blogs, it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Thanks to all of the regular readers and to those who consistently leave thoughtful, intelligent comments. You guys make this blog what it is and I’m in your debt.

I enjoy writing for and maintaining this blog, it does come at a price. And while I’ll never, ever charge anybody to read what’s posted here, I will occasionally ask for donations (like now).

If you enjoy reading my ramblings and such, might I suggest making a donation (as large or small as you like) to help offset the costs (both monetary and otherwise) of keeping this site up and humming. We’re moving to a new hosting facility soon that will offer faster load times and a generally snappier user experience, but at a greater cost than the current host. If you could spare a few bucks, I would be most appreciative :)

Anyway, thanks again for reading and here’s to another year of productivity, parenting, my oddball sense of humor – and rabbits with pancakes on their heads.



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