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State of the Blog

When I started this blog all those months ago, I really had no idea it would do as well as it has. We have a pretty respectable number of feed subscribers and page views and consistently high-quality comments. Among all of the fantastic productivity-themed blogs out there, I like to think we’ve carved out a nice little niche for ourselves here at CW.

So, what’s to come? Well, I’ve got several things in the works…

New Look – (one that I’ll be designing and implementing from scratch). Much of my discretionary time is currently occupied with other obligations, primarily my family, so this will be done reasonably soon (but not tomorrow). But I’m definitely going to clear up some of the clutter that has worked it’s way into the nooks and crannies of the current layout.

Better Balance of Topics – In the beginning, this was a very GTD-focused blog mixed in with a smattering of techie-ish tips about browsers, bookmarking, RSS and the like. Then I began experimenting with topics that I thought would have broader appeal (parenting being the most visible example), which has worked out pretty well. In the coming months, expect to see much more on the “lifehacks” end of things. While I love GTD and believe in it now more than ever, it’s not exactly a source of endless, fresh content for a blog (partly because it’s so utterly simple). At any rate, I’m not saying that you won’t see GTD-related content here, but expect to find it sharing the stage equally with other topics.

Software – I’ve got a handful of free tools up here (which live in varying states of completeness), most of which solve a pretty specific problem (which I like – gives them a very Unix-y feel). Expect to see more of these show up in the future. If you use the existing tools and like them (or even if you just like the site), won’t you consider a small donation to help cover the costs of running the site? I’d be most appreciative :)

So, yeah, I guess that’s all for now. Thanks again to everybody who takes the time to stop by and read and/or comment on my stuff, it really does make me happy (even if you think I’m full of it). Oh, and I’m trying to come up with more drinking games – please be patient :)

Cheers, everybody

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