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Positively Gigantic GMail Resource Collection


Let’s face it – GMail is pretty much the coolest webmail application in existence. It’s simple design and slick interface (not to mention it’s unparalleled search capabilities) make it a pure joy with which to work.

Having said that, there’s something to be said for standing on the shoulders of giants, so to speak. A great many talented hackers and designers have created and extended GMail into even more of a powerhouse than the vanilla version. The Free Geek has put together a rather exhaustive list of all of the different add-ons and skins available for GMail, some of which I wasn’t even familiar with (and I’m a complete Google fanboy, in case you were wondering)…

Among my favorites in this list are the Better GMail extension for Firefox (which includes the powerful collection of after-market keyboard macros I’ve come to downright require when using GMail) and SSLGoogle, which always connects to GMail over SSL (https), even if you forget to add it to the URL.

Of the ones I hadn’t previously seen, I’m terribly excited to play with the Drag and Drop Upload extension (as I regularly email files to different folks and find the traditional “Browse->Drill Through 10 Folders->Select” dance to be terribly tedious). And, while I do enjoy the default look and feel of GMail, I should probably putz around with some of the different skins people have developed.

Anyway, GMail rules and we all know it. Check out The Free Geek’s Enormous GMail Productivity List to get the full story!

Oh, and I’m a little disappointed to not see the fantastic Gmail Contacts to Stikkit Peeps script I wrote awhile back (just kidding ;)

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