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Meet My New Secretary


In my eternal pursuit of the “mind like water”, I’ve noticed certain aspects of my productive life are, how shall I say, somewhat lacking. As much as I like to think I have a handle on my responsibilities and obligations, sometimes things fall through the cracks (and we all know what a no-no that is). So, having come to terms with my fallibility, I’ve made an executive decision…

I’ve gone ahead and gotten myself a secretary.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Sir! Aren’t you a lowly programmer with a budding family and a tight budget? How can you afford such an expense?!”. Well, yes, that’s true. I’m not exactly rolling in it right now, certainly, but it doesn’t matter because my new secretary costs me nothing. In fact, she’s not even a real person (just a technicality, really). Folks, meet Sandy

While I’m not at liberty to discuss the particulars of what Sandy is capable of (she’s still on 90-day probation ;) , I have to say that she’s extremely impressive. She works totally via email, and she can intelligently handle just about anything I send her way. And, truth be told, I think she might have a little crush on me.

Seriously, though, the guys over at Values of N (creators of the mighty Stikkit) have hit another home run. Sandy is still in private beta (the VoN guys were kind enough to let me be part of the test drive), but you can bet your last dollar that, once she’s ready for public consumption, I’ll give a in-depth how-to. For now, trust me, Sandy kicks ass. If you haven’t signed up for a chance at the next round of beta invites, I strongly suggest you do so now.

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