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My Single Best Tip for Productivity


My good friend GTD Wannabe over at her blog of the same name did one of these meme taggy thingamajigs. Against my better judgment, I’ve decided to participate.

Looking back on the different habits that have made me the productivity guru I am today (lol), this was a fairly easy decision. Of all the little tricks and whatnot I’ve picked up during my GTD travels, I can sum up what I consider to be the simplest (yet most useful) in three little words…

Write. It. Down.

Seriously. If you do nothing else on your journey toward the “mind like water”, getting into the habit of reflexively reaching for a pen and paper when you get an idea or come across of a piece of information that might be useful in the future will quite literally change your life.

The greatest part – it barely requires any investment. Grab a pen (surely, you have a few of those lying around) and any sort of paper – index cards, empty envelopes or even a folded up piece of blank printer paper – and shove the whole mess into your pocket. Now, next time Aunt Betsy reminds you that Cousin Timmy’s baseball game is next Saturday, grab your tools and scrawl that crap down. Just make sure you look at it later :)

Being the good little blogger that I am, I hereby tag the following folks to respond in kind forthwith: Glen, Frank, Scott, Andrew and Matt. Get to work, fellas…

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