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Another Way Index Cards Completely Rule

Index Cards Make Decent Funnels

Originally uploaded by inkedmn.

So, this morning on my way to work I realized that my car was running a bit funky and needed some transmission fluid. I stopped at 7-11, grabbed some napkins for wiping the dipstick and realized – I have no funnel…

Now, I drive a 1965 Buick, so I could damn near crawl into the engine compartment and take a nap. But for some reason, the fill tube for the transmission is arranged almost perfectly horizontal, making the funnel a necessity.

At that point, in a truly MacGuyver-style move, I whipped out the Hipster PDA from my back pocket, fashioned a crude funnel and added the necessary fluid (as well as coating a good portion of the exhaust manifold, causing a rather comical smoky mess).

So, yeah, index cards are infinitely useful :)

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