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Hacking GMail: Make it Your Digital Junk Drawer


In my eternal pursuit of total organization, I’m often faced with the task of filing/saving truly miscellaneous information that I may not need later, but had a hell of a time coming across to begin with. You discover some oddball fact that you’ve wondered about for years (and are happy to finally know), but the future usefulness of this data is, well, questionable at best.

For example, I just this evening found out that a Maxtor hard disk is held together by small screws that require a Standard size T8 torque bit to remove. Didn’t know that! And while I may never again have occasion to dismantle another disk, I’d like to sock that little nugget away somewhere. But where? This kind of thing hardly warrants it’s own folder in my filing system, and it would be utterly impractical to write it down and carry it with me. What to do, then?

Well, this is another of the million reasons why GMail is truly a marvel. I can email this to myself, tag it as “random crap” or something, and there it will sit. Forever. Now, I may not necessarily be able to tell you at all times what sits in “random crap”, but it’ll certainly be added to my list of places to look if I ever need a left-field fact that I know I’ve seen somewhere before.

Incidentally, you know all those confirmation emails you get when you register at a new site? Tag them as “logins” so you’re not perpetually clicking the little “Forgot Password?” link below login forms.

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